Watch the below videos to get a taste of what to expect at the WSAVA/FECAVA Congress!

The future of vet medicine

David Maggs, previously awarded with the WSAVA Speaker of the Year Awards, addresses his hopes for the future of veterinary medicine.

Join us for the WSAVA/FECAVA Congress!

Advance, connect, learn, share & grow! Be a part of the WSAVA community and change the lives of both patients and veterinarians. Join us for this unique event in Warsaw, Poland!

Your invitation to Poland

If you’ve never been to this part of Europe, the WSAVA/FECAVA Congress is your chance! Jerzy Gawor invites you to Poland to experience friendship, fun, and education.

A funny case of otitis

Guillermina Manigot shares a note-worthy case from her practice involving chronic otitis in a puppy. WSAVA/FECAVA is the place to share experiences with the global veterinary community.

An all encompassing Congress

The WSAVA Congress offers a unique program, tailored to all specialist and veterinarians at all levels of advancement in practice. Shane Ryan, WSAVA President, shares his thought on this all-inclusive event.

Veterinary Wellness

Nicola Neumann – past Congress Liaison Officer – address the significance of professional wellness for veterinarians.

The best CE in Europe

Chair of the Scientific Committee, Frédéric Gaschen, highlights some topics you’ll find in the program and states this Congress will offers the best continuing education in Europe.

Working with unusual animals

What is it like to practice vet medicine in Alaska? This anecdote of Julie Stafford gives you a little bit of insight in a more unusual case she is presented with there.

Moving your career forward

Wolfgang Dohne discussed the opportunities young veterinarians can gain by attending this Congress, and how your career path might take a new direction because of it.