Session Trailers

Session Trailers

Watch some of our speakers reveal the topics they will talk about during their lectures

Dr. Holly Brown

How to recognize and monitor inflammation in your canine and feline patients through laboratory data

Dr. Boysen and Dr. Chalhoub

5 minute point of care cardiac and vascular ultrasound: congestive heart failure, hypovolemia and hypervolemia

Dr. Holly Brown

The importance of the complete urinalysis: You may not know what you are missing

Dr. Jerold Bell

Understanding breeds as populations and how breeding recommendations affect genetic disease

Dr. Ana Nemec

Dentistry stream

Dr. Holly Brown

In-clinic effusion analysis: Maximizing the diagnostic information from your fluid samples

Dr. Holly Brown

Diagnosing coagulopathies in practice

Prof. Gerhard Wess

State-of-the-art lecture: Current and future perspectives for diagnosis and treatment of canine dilated cardiomyopathy

Dr. Andrew Mackin

State-of-the-art lecture: Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia: what to do in the 1st hour

Dr. Federico Massari

Oncology stream

Dr. Holly Brown

Diagnosing acute anaplasmosis through the in-clinic laboratory